Jon Huertas Has A ‘Sex Tape’

For a while, one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrity fads was to have a sex tape. It looks like Jon Huertas from ABC’s Castle took a pass at trying to capitalize on that. Recently on his official Twitter page, Jon tweeted a link that took you to a faux sex tape, which is actually the name up of his upcoming album. Now, on his official website, the sex tape has turned into his sexy new video for his single Sex Is The Word.

The track gives you a little throwback to days of Grease with a play on the chorus’ lyrics and melody. The video however is something you kind of want to watch through your hands covering your eyes. The 41-year-old actor seems a bit too old to be singing a song of this nature, and the video is a little bit… weird. A couple of notable weird moments are the whip cream and the faux-humping. It’s like having your uncle release a song about sex and your the embarrassed nephew.

Take a look at the video and make your opinion but whatever you do, please share it with us below.

  • Haji

    OMG, I was so uncomfortable watching that atrocious video …lol ….at one point he looked constipated, i dont get the whip creamed mouth, he’s just overly-cheesy and this is why some ppl aren’t successful as artists, cause they make videos like this ….hahaha …oh and btw, whats with trying to give this video a latin spin when its nowhere close to being a latin song ….just sooooooo darn ridiculous!!!!!

  • steven

    hot, if you like straight black guys!

  • kate

    First of all, Jon is not 41, but he’s 37 he was born in 1976. Second of all, yeah i still think he’s hot tho. And I still think he can pull this off. But not a fan of the whipped cream in the mouth thing. It’s just looked sloppy. I’m in love with his 1st single Ledge of Love …