JoJo Re-Records First Two Albums After Former Label Removed Them From Streaming Services

Damn, Blackground Records, even in their defunct state, are huge bitches. Haven’t they punished fans of JoJo enough?

For years, JoJo was shackled by her former record label. In January 2014 the 28-year-old singer was finally released from her multi-year battle with Blackground and signed with Atlantic Records. For some reason, the label has removed her first two albums from any streaming services.

“My former label removed my music, I unfortunately have absolutely no control over what they do or don’t do… I want to let bygones be bygones. I pray one day they put my music back up,” she tweeted.

To appease her fans in the meantime, the pint-sized hitmaker has re-recorded her debut and sophomore albums- JoJo and The High Road– along with a couple other tracks.

To say the response from her fans has been overwhelming would be an understatement. JoJo expressed her gratitude via Instagram.

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Wow. Your response to me re-recording my first two albums has taken my breath away. I’ve tried to read through literally every single comment!!! You guys are making me sooooo emo!!!! What the hellllllll, to see an album I first made at 12 and another at 15 at the top of the iTunes album charts is just CRAZY. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea (and my team checked allllll the legalities to see that it would be ok!!) but I was SO SICK of seeing my fans day in and day out ask me where my old shit was. Not being able to give them what they deserve made me so mad. I’ve felt out of control for so long, and I WAS FUCKING TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIED. I couldn’t stand for it. This is for my day 1s. This is for the amazing creatives who shaped these songs with me (and so they can finally collect the publishing that is rightfully theirs!). And this is for me. For healing. Reclaiming my time and my history. I am currently making the best music of my life for this new album. And I wanted to make sure that I saged myself so I could enter 2019 with lightness and space to be TOTALLY FREE. Getting this project off my chest feels SO GOOD and it means the world to me seeing you living with it/ loving it/ sharing it/ supporting it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. NEW MUSIC 2019. Love, Jo.

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JoJo ‘JoJo’ 2018

JoJo ‘The High Road’ 2018

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