First Listen: JoJo’s “Disaster”

I love me some JoJo and this new song just justifies the fact that she is ready to step back into the music spotlight in a big way. A while back, I introduced you to a new track from her titled The Other Chick which was a little Robyn-esque dance track. Her newest song to hit the net titled Disaster is completely opposite.

This track is reminiscent of Too Little Too Late but with a more mature edge. The lyrics ring out: “Feel the fire, uz it’s all around and burning, for forever and always | We gotta let it go the other be on our way | Look for another day, cuz it ain’t the same my baby | Watch it all fall too the ground | No happy ever after, just disaster.”

Alright, it looks like JoJo has had a terrible relationship experience. Who broke her heart? I want to knock his teeth out. I digress. I cannot wait for a new, full JoJo album but until then, fans of the R&B songstress can look for her on tour with Joe Jonas. Give a listen to “Disaster” below.


What do you think? No word on a release date yet for JoJo’s third studio album, Jumping Trains but I have a feeling, it’s going to be a good one!