I think that Agapé may be one of the biggest mixtape I am looking forward to next year. My girl JoJo released the track We Get By last month which Donovan shared with us. For the second cut from the compilation, JoJo has once again recorded an absolutely commanding vocal for her Andre 3000-inspired, Andre.

The Outkast member’s influences are undeniable in the synth work and drum kit. Even the spacey bridge is fresh like Mr. 3000. In the chorus she sings, “Always fly as he wanna be / Cooler than a mother… People think he’s strange / But he never try to hide it / That’s my Andre…” This is the JoJo I remember and love.

To catch you up, earlier this year, JoJo was anticipating the release of her new album, Jumping Trains which was to feature some previously released tracks like Disaster and The Other Chick but was later scrapped by the singer to pursue a more authentic album and sound. Gotta love JoJo- staying true to who she is instead of selling out.

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