John Travolta Does “Tacky” Qantas Airlines Safety Video

It’s not Grease Lightening. It’s Qantas. “Tell me about it…stud,” Olivia Newton John says to John Travolta in on Grease. When Oprah would scream his name (“John Travoltaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!” the audience would go wild. Now, he does safety videos for Qantas Airlines? Well, he’s not getting the same reactions he used to.

The people who work for Qantas aren’t big fans of this video. Of course getting John Travolta to do this video, Qantas was obviously looking for his celebrity status to bring something to the table, but the crew that actually work on the flights feel have described the video as “cringe-worthy,” “corny” and “tacky“. I’m sorry, but aren’t all airline safety videos all of the above?

“We feel it’s demeaning to be called ‘the team,'” an employee told Daily Telegraph. “It makes us feel like we work at McDonald’s…The whole thing seems to make the safety message seem trite.”

Uh oh, now anyone that works at a fast food restaurant is going to be pissed with Quantas. Personally, I don’t think the word team means you work in fast food, and if you do, who cares. I’m sure someone else could be like, “Ew, don’t call us crew, you make us feel like we work on a plane,” you know? Anyway, watch the video after the jump…