“John Travolta’s Secret Life Makes Tiger Woods Look Like A Boy Scout!”

The National Enquirer has taken another stab at revealing John Travolta‘s sexuality and apparent affair with their manny – and call me gullible, but it kinda seems plausible AND N.E. is not the only one working on blowing the lid off his secret life.

Travolta graces the cover of this week’s issue of tabloid mag, claiming he’s been cheating on this 47 year old wife, Kelly Preston, who is due to give birth to a boy later this fall. Rumors in the past have suggested that the Church of Scientology threatened to out his sexuality if he ever left the “church”. Maybe that’s Tom Cruise’s excuse as well? Travolta had already been outed by former Scientologist, Michael Pattinson, who had said that Travolta got down & dirty with porn star Paul Barresi, among other men, at a secret gay spa.

A secret gay spa? Yep, that’s right. Author Robert Randolph is set to release a tell all memoir titled, “You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again,” which will reveal all of the known faces that were Spa-ted at the facility working on their shaft craft. Among some of the names?

Here they are: John Amos, John Cusack, Jeremy Piven, Pauly Shore, George Michael, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Billy Zane, Andy Dick, and Paul Giammatti. WOWSA!! Burn Book extraordinaire!!! A quote in the press release states, “John Travolta’s Secret Life Makes Tiger Woods Look Like A Boy Scout!” Sounds extremely GREASEy juicy.

Here’s the full synopsis:

“This is a story about a guy who was a member of one of Los Angeles’s most elite men’s spa – City Spa – for over 15 years. The Author was brutally beaten and left for dead on the footsteps of City Spa, one of the favorite secret LA gay spa hangouts. This spa was home away from home to many of the world’s most famous movie and television stars.My beloved spa had slammed their doors on me and had subjected me to life-threatening situations without so much as a “we’re sorry” or anything.

I think more than the beating and the brain damage the way City Spa treated me hurt the most. It would be years of retraining my brain before I would get the idea for You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again. I figure if that’s how they treat me, I’ll treat them the same. I’ll share every dirty secret I learned in the 15 years I was a member there. Every thing all the masseurs would share with me all the shocking stuff only an insider could see and I saw it all. Read about how Robert Randolph went from being a starry-eyed fan of John Travolta to a disgusted seer of many perverted acts and extremely bad behavior, coupled with Travolta’s ignorance and mistreatment of his autistic, now deceased son Jett. Vladimir, John Travolta’s masseur of 25 years, shares with the author what he thinks really happened the night Jett Travolta died.”

  • Kevin Reid

    Just read, “You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again.” What crap! If you read between the lines, Robert Randolph has been a sick, obsessive, stalking fan of Travolta’s. He contradicts himself throughout the book. I am not saying that Travolta is not gay, nor do I care. What I care about is that this Robert Randolph is trying to turn himself into a self made celebrity. Do not buy or support this garbage. The writing is pathetic and severly lacks talent or skill. Why would Travolta pick Robert Randolph out of all the gorgeous men in Hollywood? Robert Randolph is sick and twisted. This is very sad, to say the least.

  • Kevin Reid

    Anyone who believes any of the crap in this book is MORE PATHETIC and TWISTED than Robert Randolph. He is a LOSER! I am a gay man and IDIOTS like Robert Randolph and Perez Hilton are reasons that society looks down on gays. IDIOTS like this are doing NOTHING to help advance gays or anyone else. They are SELFISH……..UNTALENTED….PATHETIC pieces of crap.

  • Kevin Reid

    I am a gay man. If people are gay….then it is THEIR right to come out IF and WHHEN THEY want to. NOBODY has the right to out someone…….ESPECIALLY if it is on speculation. Unfortunately….there are a lot of gays who are bitter or vengeful because of their bad experiences when they came out. Let’s move forward and upward and get away from all of this gossipy, bitchy, vendictive behavior and just LIVE OUR lives and maybe society as a whole will begin to view gays in a different and more positive light.

  • James

    I read the book, and it was cheesy. I too thought it was poorly written, and I did believe that the author was crazily obsessed with some deep rooted problems. I feel bad for reading it.
    John’s homosexuality is no ones business but his own and his wife’s/

  • cheryl

    I read the book. It might have been “cheesily” written but the story would have been the same even if penned by a great author. It was a seamy, steamy, behind the scenes look at what goes on in a gay spa. People shouldn’t become so indignant about John’s right to privacy. He wasn’t in the privacy of his home -he was sex on display to all comers-with many witnessess..day after day..year after year.

    It doesn’t matter if the author is a loser. He didn’t out John. JOHN outed himself and JOHN makes other gays look bad! Direct your anger towards the correct miscreant!