Poor John Travolta. The 59-year-old actor hasn’t had a hit in years. To supplement his income, he’s previously filmed a tacky Qantas safety video and now this. In his defense, he probably would’ve filmed this commercial for free given his shirtless co-stars. These sexy Brazilian men are definitely an upgrade from those skeezy male masseurs he was allegedly involved with.

In the commercial for Brazilian rum maker Cachaça, Travolta is seen strolling around Rio de Janeiro. Along the way, people recognize him but it isn’t until he sees hot boys playing on the beach til he decides to join in on the action. Before you know it, he’s kicking balls and dancing with shirtless beach boys. After that, they all head out for drinks which I’m sure John footed the bill for. Drunk straight boys are easy pickings, right? LOL. Check out Travolta’s liquor endorsement below.

Vamos Brasilizar!