Now we know know went on behind closed doors on Full House! I kid, I kid. In this hilarious College Humor video, John Stamos reunites with Bob Saget for a manly look at tenderness. The video starts off with Stamos saying, “Hi I’m John Stamos – one of the most handsome men you can think of off the top of your head.” He then goes onto explain that he often gets asked for sex advice, but that the trick to winning over a woman actually comes down to the cuddling.

Demonstrating on Bob Saget, stamos demonstrates the techniques of his patented “Stamos Snugglefest“. Techniques demonstrated include the “Stamos Soother”, “Stamos Scalper”, “Stamos Spoonful”, and more. Oh, and Stamos doesn’t actually realize that it’s Saget in the bed until the end. LOL. You will thoroughly enjoy this video and suddenly find yourself in the mood for cuddling…with John Stamos. Watch the video below!