John Stamos & Glen Powell’s Wieners Accidentally Touch During Shower

scream-queens-john-stamos-naked-glen-powellRyan Murphy really has a shower fetish. The number of scenes featuring his male stars lathering up on his shows is countless. On the second season alone of Scream Queens, John Stamos has found himself in the shower during both episodes that have aired. His latest scene featured the Fuller House stud getting wet with another dude.

Glen Powell returned to the FOX show last episode, trying to woo back Chanel (Emma Roberts). He interrupted Brock’s (Stamos) shower in an attempt to intimidate him from seeing his ex-girlfriend. At one point, he hopped into the same cramped stall, giving an opportunity for their wieners to ‘accidentally’ touch.

“Well yeah, it could have been awkward. It was pretty awkward, but Glen is so damn funny. I at least wore a G-string or something, but he wore a very tiny… a medium-sized sock,” Stamos said about filming the scene. “We laughed a whole lot. We did a lot of pushups; he likes to do pushups. He likes a lot of oil, there’s a lot of oiling up. I swear we ran out of oil on that scene.”

Scream Queens isn’t the best show around, but I keep watching due to ridiculous moments like this. Murphy really knows what the gays like- strong female characters and sexy undressed men. God bless the 50-year-old producer. Check out the scene below.

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