Olympic Countdown Hottie of the Day: John Kerr


This Scottish cutie was born on June 2, 1980 in Broxburn, Scotland. He’s a Scottish figure skater in the discipline of ice dance alongside his sis, Sinead Kerr – both representing Great Britain. Fewf. When I saw they both had the last name I thought “married,” but there’s still hope! This siblings are really good too! They are the 2009 European bronze medalists as well as the 2004-2010 British National Champions. They are also the only British ice dancers ever to medal at Grand Prix events and gain a place in the Grand prix final. In Torino at the 2006 Winter Olympics, they placed 10th; however, as of December 2009, the dynamic duo were ranked 5th in the world! It’s gonna be close, but they sure do have a chance to get a medal!

Anyway, back to just him – you know, since I’m featuring the hot male athletes that are coming only (sorry Sinead….Sinead to be featured on another website). Haha. He’s super handsome, dark features, dark wavy hair, and has a bit of a Scottish accent. And, I’m gonna guess and say he’s single, since I haven’t hear otherwise. Maybe he even plays for our team. Not Canada, but you know, the gay team. Here’s hoping!


Random Facts About John Kerr:

Where He Lives: Little Falls, New Jersey, USA

Hobbies: Football, Tennis, Golf, Dancing (off-ice)

Other Interests: Cinema, Theatre, History, Music

Occupation: Full time athlete.

Training hours: 20 hours on-ice, 10 hours off-ice

Height: 173cm

Weight: 68 kg / 150lbs

Family: Mother – Maeve, Father – Alastair, older sister – Sinead, and a younger brother – David

Favorite Skaters: Paul and Isabelle Duchesnay, Albena Denkova & Maxim Staviski, Michelle Kwan and Kurt Browning.

These Are A Few Of His Favorite Things:

Favorite Movies: LA Confidential, Gladiator, 12 Angry Men, Last of the Mohicans, Traffic, The French Connection, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Rain Man, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?, Lawrence of Arabia.

Favorite Bands: The Killers, U2, Franz Ferdinand, Crowded House, Big bad Voodoo Daddy, Porridge Men, Scissor Sisters, The White Stripes, The Rolling Stones,

Favorite Singers: Micheal Buble, Josh Groban, Amy Winehouse, Paolo Nutini, James Morrison.

Favorite Albums: The Verve – Urban Hymns; The Killers – Hot Fuss, U2 – Joshua Tree; Franz Ferdinand – Self Titled; Michael Jackson – Thriller

Favorite Books: It Ain’t About the Bike, Lance Armstrong (Essential reading for athletes)

Last Book Read: Stalingrad, Antony Beevor

Favorite TV Shows: Lost, House, American Dad, Family Guy, Bones, Spooks, Scrubs

Favorite TV show of all time: This Life

Check out the first of his Vancouver 2010 VIDEO DIARIES, posted January 11th, 2010!

Good luck to you both!

  • Another skater

    Sorry boys he’s taken.

    John’s girlfriend

  • Lady Marian of Kerr

    So much sorry guys…..HE’S NOT GAY!!!!!
    It’s married with me! realy it’s true….well you should try with another boy 😉 BYE bitchs