Since the penultimate episode of Survivor: Philippines airs tonight, I thought it’d be fun to catch up with a former contestant. Why you say? Why not… especially, when they look as hot as John Kenney. Unless you’re a hardcore fan of the CBS reality series, you might not remember Kenney. He didn’t make it very far on the ninth edition, Survivor Vanautu. That said, he made enough of an impression with me that he made my Top 10 Survivor Guys Never To Make The Jury. He ranked No. 2 on it, just in case you were wondering.

Once voted off the “island”, Kenney returned to his day job. Even though Survivor referred to him as a mechanical bull operator, John was a working model. His career since the show has only risen. He’s appeared in DNA, Men’s Health and modeled in Paris, Milan, Korea, Miami and naturally New York City. His latest gig has him posing for famed photographer Greg Vaughan. His hair is a bit longer now and he’s bulked up a bit, but he’s still got that handsome chiseled face. With a Beyonce wind machine in hand, Kenney works that blowing hair like a pro. Check out his photo shoot below.

Do you remember John from Survivor Vanuatu? Can you believe he was voted off the island and Chris Daughtry won? I’m still reeling over that chain of events. For more of Greg Vaughan’s work, head over to his official website.