John Duff Pays Homage To Divas With His Brilliant ‘Girly’ Music Video

As gay men, it’s pretty much in our DNA to love divas. Based on this brilliant clip for the femme-powering anthem, it’s clear who this rising gay pop star worships.

Singer, songwriter, and director John Duff presents his first pop creation “Girly.” The song celebrates femininity and fluidity in a fabulous and direct way, riding on a giant 808 bass line and a carefree R&B vibe reminiscent of the late 90s.

“It’s about freedom. It’s about expression. It’s about equality. Above all, it’s f*cking fierce,” Duff said. He adds “‘Girly’ is a very literal song. I wrote it upon hearing critique that my ideas weren’t going to work because of their feminine nature, I was told that I would do better in the industry by playing up my masculinity. I found these words to be insulting to my creative mind and to femininity in general. Being girly, or being a girl for that matter, is nothing to be ashamed of. The video was created from those same frustrations. While paying homage to some of my greatest female influences, I wanted to highlight the sexualization of female performers and how absurd it looks to simply replace the ingenue with a hairy man.”

Even if you’re not a fan of the song itself, you have to give credit where credit is due. The accompanying visual is everything. Duff meticulously pays homage to Madonna, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce by recreating some of their iconic clips. His “Heartbreaker” tribute is impeccable, mimicking every detail from the dance moves in the lobby to the unforgettable brawl in the theater bathroom.

Check out the brilliance that is “Girly” below. It also features drag superstars Bianca Del Rio, Willam and Mariah Balenciaga.

John Duff ‘Girly’ Music Video

  • frederick.

    I don’t like the song at all, but iconic video!