Let’s just get the important stuff out first: the guys in this movie are HOT. Not Abercrombie/Details magazine perfectly ripped hot, but straight guys who “probably would if they were drunk enough cause they seem pretty cool with it” disheveled and cute as hell hot. Just right, thank you very much for coming out Chase Williamson and Rob Mayes 😉

John Dies at the End is a… lord, how do I even describe this one? It’s a cross between The Matrix, A Scanner Darkly, Chronicle, Men in Black, Bill and Ted and a whole lot of other movies. It’s sci fi, horror, indie, comedy and it’s WEIRD. But, it’s good weird- and, like I said before, kind of sexy weird. Basically, the movie follows two burn out best friends who turn into pseudo ghost buster/super heroes with semi psychic, time bending and super sensory powers due to a liquid they imbibe code named “soy sauce”. They are granted the ability to see ghosts, monsters and people from other dimensions that we lay people only ever catch a glimpse of in the corner of our eye. In doing so, they work to save the Earth from an evil invasion of half naked pig looking people. Honestly, I watched the movie a week ago so the deets might not be DEAD on but you’re gonna watch this one stoned anyway so you won’t be writing me with corrections. It’s only about an hour and a half long and does have funny and CGI action moments that make it worth a watch… did I mention there’s two hot guys in it?

As you can see from the clip, it’s a doozie. Still, the boys are worth watching and come across as legit genuine characters you’d want to get high and hang out with: “real people in extraordinary circumstances”. While the main protagonists don’t really have much film bios to cite, Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner Paul Giamatti (NOT cute, but a great actor) plays the role of a skeptical journalist and adds a bit of cache to the final project. Unsurprisingly the big name thespian is an exec producer to this piece that started out as a webserial and later turned into a published work and now funny, off-beat movie.

You’ll not be bored at any point; you may get confused from time to time; but, you won’t hate it and shouldn’t be too angry with me for recommending it. Just don’t look to this movie to change your life- rather entertain you for an hour and a bit. Oh, and, it really would help to be high when you watch 😉