Sexy Canadian Singer, Joel Geleynse Debuts New ‘EP2’ Album

Joel Geleynse is a Canadian songwriter, recording artist, and figure skater who leads an interesting double life. In Holland, he’s a professional skater on their version of Skating With The Stars. In Hamilton, Ontario here in Canada, he’s still relatively unknown but really focussing on his music. Last year, he became a household name in Holland when him and his partner (Dutch singer and TV personality Monique Smit) made it to the final round of the competition.

Geleynse is hoping to achieve the same level of success in Canada as he has in Holland. During his last season of Skating With The Stars, his song “Love You More” actually made it into the Top 20 in Holland. He has since timed the release of his second album, EP2 with the current season of the show – smart! For now all the media attention remains in Dutch magazines and television, but I wanted to share some of his work with you guys so we can show him some love in North America!

I’ve included several of his songs from the new album below for you to listen to. His song, “With You Now” was just released on the and is at #39 after the first week. You can purchase his album online here and follow him on Facebook here. I’ve also included some sexy photos that I’m sure you’ll appreciate as well. Keep up the good work, Joel!

Joel Geleynse – ‘Love Again’

Joel Geleynse – ‘With You Now’

Joel Geleynse – ‘Oceanview’

  • Patrick

    Darn, he is cute and I was hoping for an artist I would like…then I heard the robot in his throat aka autotuned to death blech.