Get A Preview of Joe Jonas’ “Fastlife” Album

This coming Tuesday, fans of Joe Jonas will be thrilled to have in hand his first solo LP effort titled Fastlife. Thanks to Jon Ali, you can now get a preview of all eleven tracks from Joe’s record.

The former Disney star is definitely all grown up which he tries to make quite apparent in all of his song lyrics and beats. The tracks are very synth heavy with a constant four on the floor drive. He sings about girls, dancing, girls and well… girls. The disc has a vibe that can be chalked up to Jesse McCartney meets Chris Brown but some of the tracks definitely pull a little Justin Timberlake influence.

Some of my favorite tracks are Love Slayer which definitely shows Joe’s sexier side and the smoother song Sorry which is where you can definitely hear that J.T. vibe. Listen to the sampler below and tell us what you think of Joe’s first swing at solo music. Home run or swing and a miss?


  • Gerbilleus

    Joe Jonas is HOT !!!

    And so is his music !!!

  • DJMiQlos

    I agree . . .

    He has totally outgrown his Jonas Brothers image and for the better . . .

    Keep it up !