With 2012 comes a few new shows that networks held off on debuting until their midseason. Two of those shows are ABC’s The River and NBC’s Smash. The first comes from the house of Paranormal Activity and is sure to be an epic thrill ride while the latter is being deemed as “Glee for adults” as we observe a team try to construct a Broadway show about the life of Marilyn Monroe.

Two men have caught my eye from each show and I thought I would showcase them for this week’s Who’d You Rather. The first is The River’s Joe Anderson. You may recognize him from his performance as Max Carrigan in the Beatles tribute movie/musical, Across The Universe but his role in The River is anything but song and dance numbers. You’ll also be able to check Joe out in Part 2 of Twilight: Breaking Dawn coming out later this year.

Anderson’s hottie opponent is Wesley Taylor who will appear in NBC’s new hit musical show debuting Monday after the Super Bowl. While he may not be well known in terms of the small and silver screens, Wesley is quite the Broadway baby. He starred alongside Nathan Lane in The Addams Family and New York’s Papermag named him on of 2010’s Beautiful People. Don’t pick these boys on bios alone. Check out their photos and choose who you’d rather below.

Joe Anderson

Wesley Taylor

Who'd You Rather: Anderson VS Taylor

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