Well, if you’re looking for some extra help with cleaning, or on the flipside are unemployed and looking for something (you wouldn’t brag to your mom about)…different, introducing Jockstrap Maids – Male Maids that clean your place in a jockstrap. This service is available in over 40 cities across the United States and is only growing. Their tagline should be “Dirty Boys Make Your House Clean.” For anything from a housewife looking for something other than her daytime soaps to bring her excitement, to bachelorette parties, they’re actually becoming quite popular.

CBS even did a little segment on them, in which they follow one guy and ask him about his role as a Male Jockstrap Maid. My gaydar went off for this guy, which then got me to wondering how many gay guys probably use this service. My guess is a lot. Although the “Family Friendly” TV show chose to focus on a middle-aged woman using the service as you’ll see in the video, chances are a lot of men are using this service and I’m also wondering if they lines blur here…meaning sex for money. I’m totally speculating here, but just look at some of the photos in which you select your “maid”… I should also mention, there are some “not so hot” maids in there too. Like, you would definitely NOT want to watch them clean your place.