Model Behavior: Joachim Milner

For this week’s Model Behavior, I thought I’d highlight a fresh face, and what a face indeed. He’s adorable as anything and has a pair or extremely kissable lips. I first laid my eyes on Joachim Milner courtesy of DNA’s blog. The 20-year-old cutie hails from Poole, Dorset and currently resides in London. Milner is currently represented by NEVS London under their new faces board. I’m sure with his exotic looks and sexy body, he’ll be racking up modeling gigs in the near future.

In addition to modelling, Joachim is an aspiring actor. He trained at East 15 Acting School at the University of Essex. There’s a video of him belting out a tune on YouTube. I did a bit of Facebook stalking and discovered Milner loves his animated shows like Family Guy, The Simpsons and South Park. His musical tastes run the gamut from Eminem, Michael Jackson, Cheryl Cole and Michael Buble. Definitely keep an eye out on this British model. I’m sure you’ll be seeing him in upcoming fashion editorials and ad campaigns. Check out a few shirtless pics of him below.

Joachim Milner Model Stats

Height: 5’11”
Waist: 30
Shoe: 10.5
Hair: black
Eyes: brown

Looking as serious a Buckingham Palace guard.

WOOOOF! Sexy arms and sexy everything else.

Poppin’ his collar. I’d like to “pop” something else.

Not an iota of belly fat. Oh, the advantages of a fast metabolism.

Giving you a peek down under.

His lips are definitely one of his best features.

Playing a little pocket pool. I’d like to sink his yellow ball 😉

Someone does a few crunches, don’t you think?

He looks a little cold. His nips look ready to play.

Thought it was only appropriate to end the post with the uncropped version of the main pic. Love those red jeans.