Well yes. The weather here in lurvely Vancouver blows right now, but unlike most, when the weather hits an all time low like this, I kick the beats up a notch, and leave the sappy acoustic stuff for the beach. So put on your neon spandex, cause I’m gonna show you what I’m dancing to right now.

JJAMZ – “Heartbeat”

Let’s start with the best of LA indie-pop group JJAMZ’s beats. Earlier this year JJAMZ (an acronym of all the band members names), came out with their debut album Suicide Pact, which I love. Heartbeat is a great feel good single, and saying they nailed ‘catchy’ on the head is an understatement. The amount of times I’ve caught myself singing this song this month is disgusting. In a good way. And I’m going to keep doing it.

Gnucci Banana – “360 Donna”

This comes with a serious warning: you might hate it. And if you do, that’s fine! I mean I’ll hunt you down and make you like it but…no but really, the love child of Nicki Minaj and Janice from Friends (insert annoying laugh here) might just be too much for you. But my first glimpse at Swedish Dancehall had me entranced and shaking with the uncontrollable urge to bust out. She’s got my attention!

Tensnake ft. Syron – “Mainline”

Without a word of lie, the first time I saw this I ran up to the DJ playing the video just to make sure there wasn’t some epic 90’s dance track that had somehow eluded me my entire life. The ultimate throw back to everything I loved about the time period it’s paying homage to, this track kills it. German born DJ Tensnake tends to put out some amazing remixes, but this track now has a special retro place in my heart.