LMFAO: Watch Jimmy Kimmel Pitch His OWN Show Ideas To Oprah

This is THE funniest thing I’ve seen Oprah do in a long time! Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, her majesty Oprah Winfrey was a guest. As the interview commenced, Kimmel talked to her about how hard it must be having her OWN network and she said that coming up with new show ideas was sometimes difficult. That’s where Kimmel tried to help.

He showed footage of him showing Oprah new show ideas that are absolutely hilarious. Instead of Oprah giving away her “Favorite Things” and seeing everyone scream and cry, imagine how they’ll react when she steals them back. Cut to Oprah breaking into a car, driving off saying, I get a car, I get a caarrrrrrr!” LOL. That’s not even the craziest one. Oprah’s Book Club turned Book Club Fight Club. You have to watch this.

To add to all of this, Jennifer Aniston is even in one of the sketches. Like I said, one of the funniest things I’ve seen her do in ages. Enjoy!

  • Jepoy

    Wow. I thought it was almost blasphemy to see THE Oprah get crazy like that. Proof that she doesn’t take all her success too seriously. And props to Jimmy for making her do all those things! Funny sh*t!