Jimmy Kimmel VS Ellen DeGeneres In A “Nice-Off”

In addition to being one of the funniest people on television, Ellen DeGeneres is also one of the nicest. On Wednesday night, the hilarious and generous DeGeneres was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. During his time with her, something struck a nerve with Kimmel. He thinks of himself as equally as nice as DeGeneres, but people just don’t know it. When chatting about it, Ellen insisted there’s the level of nice that Kimmel is at, and then there’s one above that… where she is.

With that, Kimmel explained how he had challenged Ellen to a “Nice-Off” earlier in the day, to see who was actually the nicest. The video is absolutely hilarious. Instead of spewing insults back & forth, they have to say the nicest thing they possibly can while onlookers cheer them on. Who do you think wins? Watch the video below to find out. Have a wonderful day! (see how nice I am too?)

  • dystopian

    “Nice off” indeed!
    Very funny video