Meet Tom Brady’s Hot Stand-In Jimmy Garoppolo


I’m sure by now you’ve heard of ‘Deflategate‘ which resulted in a four game suspension without pay for Tom Brady, along with the New England Patriots being saddled with a $1 million fine and the forfeit of draft picks. With their star quarterback now benched, expect the organization to temporarily step Jimmy Garoppolo into the starting position for the first few games of the 2015 season.

Honestly, as much as I find Brady cute, I’d be okay if Garoppolo took the reins for the entire season. The 23-year-old has the body and looks of a Greek god. He’s been with the Pats since he was drafted in the second round in 2014. In his rookie year, he played six games and completed 19 of 27 passes for 182 yards. Here’s wishing he has an even stellar sophomore season. Check out more pics of Jimmy below.

  • Radar

    Ohh god…im in love ^^

  • J Russell

    Ohh he could toss me his balls all day!! Very Nice looking man.

  • Jason Paul

    Yes please

  • Drew Ferreira

    Um, you spelt his name wrong in the title.

  • Nate KW

    I think I just started liking football.

  • J Russell

    Ummm Nate would that be TOUCH football??? If so I wanna be on your team!! What position DO U Play??? lol Take care buddy

  • J Russell

    makes 2 of us…. he is one HOT Man!!! What would it take for me to get U to share him??? lol

  • Shoshina Jones

    I would plow his manpuss all night long

  • AdaLovelace

    I didn’t know what a quarterback was until I discovered Jimmy G. <3

  • Peanut Head

    i would so be his wide receiver …

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  • pscheck2

    It would be my dream that he would come ‘out’ and hook up with Luke Keuchly! No, what will happen is the PR team of the 49ers will have him hooked up with some celeb (female, of course) and do the PDA thing with her (many pics of them connoodling) then the announcement they are engaged and then married! (Think Tom Brady/Eric Decker –Gisele Bund./Jessi James Decker). It’s a shame these athletes have to be forced into these arrangements, but there is a lot at stake here (endorsements, fan base, etc.)