Big Bang Theory Star Officially Comes Out

This gives a whole new meaning to “big bang” doesn’t it? “The Big Bang Theory” actor coming out isn’t exactly earth shattering news because a visually impaired and deaf person with any sort of gaydar could’ve detected that. Though Jim Parsons has neither denied or confirmed his sexuality, it’s widely known in Hollywood that he was gay. He’s been out and about with his partner at events for several years. Plus, he once thanked his boyfriend Todd Spiewak in a Golden Globes acceptance speech.

Parsons’ sexuality became official in a new interview for the New York Times. At the end of the editorial piece, the publication writes, “Mr. Parsons is gay and in a 10-year relationship.” The interview was to promote the June 14th Broadway opening of “Harvey“. Parsons will play Elwood P. Dowd in the Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy. This isn’t the first time Jim has appeared on the Great White Way. Last year, he starred in the Broadway revival of “The Normal Heart“.

Just in case you were wondering who Parsons’ boyfriend of ten years is… meet Todd Spiewak, an art director. The two were once rumored to be engaged and planned on having a Christmas time wedding. Those plans were nixed by Todd Spiewak when the two reportedly couldn’t agree on starting a family. Todd wants kids but Jim apparently didn’t want any. Even though kids was a marriage deal breaker, the two remain together. Maybe Spiewak is secretly hoping Parsons changes his mind.

Though Parsons sexuality wasn’t a secret, it’s great to have another Hollywood actor officially come out. Perhaps, Parsons listened to Perez Hilton’s plea for more celebrities to declare their LGBT status. Who do you think will be the next gay celebrity to officially come out of the closet? Post your predictions below.

  • Steve-O

    Hugh Jackman…….i can only wish

  • beachballsify2

    id doubt any celebrity would look to perez hiltons advice about being outed. i dont understand why you guys keep posting about him and idolising perez. hes not someone to look up to. he gives gay people a bad name.