Have you been watching The Office lately? If not, you should because with the draw to Michael Scott’s departure, it’s getting really good. To fill you in, Will Ferrell has been introduced as a new character named Deangelo Vickers. It appears that Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell is grooming him to become the next boss of the Scranton Dunder Mifflin branch. However, some new season finale spoilers have me thinking that maybe, things are about to shift once again in the cubicles.

Funny man Jim Carrey has signed on for the season finale of The Office and his character is apparently interviewing for Michael Scott’s job. So what about Deangelo Vickers? Well according to cast member Jim Krasinski, Will Ferrell does not appear in the season finale. Can you imagine? Jim Carrey on The Office? That would be awesome in my opinion.

Jim Carrey will join a list of other stars joining the season finale including Ricky Gervais and the always hilarious and talented Catherine Tate. I am so excited.

When Patrick and I hit the GLAAD Blue Carpet recently, we interviewed Craig Robinson from the cast and asked how the show had been going on without Steve on set. He admitted that he wasn’t sure at first on how it would go and if it would still be funny but he was excited about what was to come. Not revealing a whole lot but gives me hopes for the next season.

Do you think Jim Carrey will be a good addition to The Office?