Dutch Magic Mike Movie Might Be Hotter Than The Original

Channing Tatum who??? The men of Onze Jongens just might rival Tatum and his crew in the sexy department. Especially that delicious blond Jim Bakkum pictured on top. Dude has moves and abs for days.

Onze Jongens, which translates to Our Boys, is pretty much a Dutch version of Magic Mike. It features a bunch of chiseled dudes from the Netherlands heading to Las Vegas to pursue their dreams of being male strippers. A dream I can get behind.

Check out the trailer below. Unless you speak Dutch, you probably won’t understand what they’re saying. Thankfully, I’m fully versed in the art of male stripping so I comprehend exactly what’s going down 😉

ONZE JONGENS Trailer 2016 Dutch Stripper Movie

  • Rainier Rademan

    Well thank heavens I’m versed in Dutch!