Listen To Jewel’s Duet With Kelly Clarkson On Foolish Games

Am I wrong, or wasn’t December last month and not now? Because today felt an awfully lot like Christmas when I came across this awesome piece of ear candy. Thank you Jewel for this wicked belated gift.

To celebrate her career, the 38-year-old singer-songwriter is releasing her first Greatest Hits album due out February 5, 2013. Included in the compilation are two brand new duets. One with the Pistol Annies ft. Miranda Lambert on “You Were Meant for Me” and another with the goddess Kelly Clarkson on “Foolish Games.”

This maybe a little TMI, but my ear practically jizzed when I heard Clarkson’s voice on this track. Not only is it one of my favorite songs from Jewel, but Kelly sounds beyond amazing on it. With her more radio-friendly hits like “Stronger,” the American Idol doesn’t get to show off that soulful tone of hers that much. She usually opts for the rocker-pop route. For me though, her strength lies with her bluesy soul range. It’s so darn rich. Don’t take my word for it, check out Jewel and Kelly’s duet below.

Jewel & Kelly Clarkson Duet ‘Foolish Games’

What do you think? Would you have preferred Kelly on another track? Perhaps Jewel should’ve picked a different partner on “Foolish Games”? Whatever your opinion, post it below.

PS. Love the fact they were in the studio at the same time to record this. I get a little annoyed when artists record a duet but lay down their vocals from halfway around the world. It’s silly it gets to me, but it does bother me 🙂

  • Charl

    no words.. wow wow wow

  • beachballsify2

    wow, this is quite a surprise – its beyond amazing

  • Donny


  • Jose

    has the link disappeared?! …I don’t see it :/

  • @Jose… It’s still embedded up there

  • Michael

    I LOVE this! Already preorded my copy.

  • Peter

    thanks for sharing Donovan. excellent rendition of a really great song.