All You Van Fly For $599 With JetBlue: What’s the Catch?


Recently, I made a phone call to my most travel addicted friend after I got a “Call me when you get this” message. His voice was equal amounts tired and gitty. It seems something got him so worked up that it seriously cut into his sleep time. He stumbled across a pretty awesome travel deal. Travel anywhere within the JetBlue system for a month, for $599. After combing through some fine print, here is what I found…

1) Jetblue is a low cost airline connecting 57 cities in the US, Caribbean and Mexico. I actually flew them from Long Beach to San Francisco. They were decent. The counter lady was a bit cranky, but that happens. They’re no frills. Click here to see where they fly.

2) The month window is only from September 8 to October 8. This is typically a slow time for airlines.

3) There are no Canadian Hubs, but the American hubs are somewhat close by. Seattle for Vancouver. Buffalo for Toronto and Vermont for Montreal.

4) You have to pay the taxes/fees for the flight. So, if you’re traveling internationally, it’ll cost you somewhere around $20-$40. But still, that’s not bad for flying to Costa Rica or Barbados.

5) You need to book 3 days in advance. It somewhat eliminates the fun you could have with playing darts to find your next destination, but you can make changes all you want before the 3 days window.

6) If you are a no-show or don’t cancel your flight 3 days before, they will charge you $100 and they will freeze your pass until you pay.

7) You have to call in your reservations and call to purchase this pass. There’s no web interface for this deal. When I called up, the lady was very nice and helpful however.

Which goes to my next point, I actually plunked down the cash for the pass. I have a rough idea of spots I’d like to hit up, but that’s all still in the air (ha! get it? air). If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to here your comments!

To read the fine print, check out the JetBlue travel pass website.