To my recollection, I can’t think any “American Idol” contestant ever appearing on “Glee“. I’m actually quite surprised it hasn’t happened any sooner. Given that they’re on the same network, it’s bewildering. Since “Glee’s” fourth season will air following the results show of “American Idol”, it only makes sense the crossover is finally happening. But which Season 11 alum gets the honor?

Will it be winner Philipp Philipps? He’s definitely cute enough and will have the girls at McKinley High swooning? Perhaps it’s runner-up Jessica Sanchez? After all, she’s actually a high school student and age appropriate. With that said, it probably won’t be Elise Testone because she’s practically a grandmother when comparing her to the New Directions crew? You can also count out Jermaine Jones. If his criminal past disqualified him from Idol, I highly doubt Ryan Murphy will sign him on. Who do you think it’ll be? Any of the ones I’ve mentioned, or maybe Hollie, Colton, Skylar, Heejun or someone else. Find out below.

When she belted out she wasn’t going anywhere, Jessica Sanchez meant it. The American Idol Season 11 runner-up will appear in a multi-episode arc when “Glee” returns for the fourth season. was the first media outlet to reveal this casting news. Hopefully, her role will be more substantial than previous Filipino singer Charice. Fingers crossed Sanchez can act as well as she can sing.

With Sanchez part of the cast, “Glee” will once again feature several newbies courtesy of reality television. The winner of “The Glee Project” is guaranteed a role on the show. And if Season 2 of the competition ends up like the first season, more than one contestant could find themselves on the Fox show. Both co-winners Samuel Larsen and Damian McGinty, Jr. were joined by runner-ups Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell on “Glee”.

What do you think of Jessica’s new gig? Were you hoping it was going to be another “American Idol” contestant? Sound off below.