Man Crush: Jessie Pavelka


Since I picked a brunette last week for my weekly man crush, I thought I’d pick a beefy buff blonde for this week’s edition. Remember, I’ve got HOT GUY A.D.D.. With exception to my nine-year relationship with Brian , my imaginary boyfriends usually last for only a week. My inaugural blonde pick for my weekly feature is fitness trainer SLASH model Jessie Pavelka. Why him? Are you blind? He’s friggin HOT. And for all you naysayers out there, I don’t believe for a second that you’d say NO if he was laying right in front of you.

The 26-year old Libra entered his first bodybuilding competition at the age of 20 where he placed 4th. He pursued the competitions and the model jobs that soon came after for only a few years. Feeling unfulfilled, he moved to Texas to try his hand at commercial construction for a year. (I hear it’s the thing most failed bodybuilders do- hope you can detect the tinge of sarcasm there.) Feeling renewed, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue and promote a healthy holistic lifestyle. Here’s a quote I found on his MySpace page.

I am a spiritual being who strongly believes in God and Quantum Physics. Things happen for a reason and at the exact time they are supposed to. My thoughts control me and I control my thoughts. This is me. KEEP IT REAL.


Originally he didn’t want to participate in a reality TV show but quickly changed his mind when he realized DietTribe’s concept and message was different than NBC’s HUGE hit “The Biggest Loser”. He figured he could spread his message much faster and to a broader audience by hosting a show on cable television. So what’s the difference between the two weight loss shows? One has a hotter trainer while the other has $100,000 cash prize. Which one would you pick? I pick the hotter trainer. Another major difference between the two shows is that DietTribe follows a group of friends who have made a commitment to lose weight together. Pavelka is also joined by a psychotherapist who aids the ladies with their life goals . Remember, no one wants someone who eats their feelings. Some of the ladies this season have even resorted to gastric bypass surgeries to remove the unwanted weight. Unfortunately for them, they gained it all back and then some.


As you can see from the picture on the left, Jessie has several wicked tattoos that only add to his overall SEXINESS. The one on his left shoulder is a Japanese symbol for inner power/inner strength. Is it me or does that sound dirty? Inner power/inner strength… hmm… sounds like he’s a bottom to me. Haha. The tat on his stomach is an inscription for “Fear No Man” in Japanese once again. Jessie also has the alpha and the omega on his wrist, cross ring on his left ring finger and “For My Brother” written in cursive on his side. Normally I don’t find more than 3-4 tattoos on a guy sexy but for the fitness trainer, I’ll make an exception. You should count your blessings Jessie, you almost lost me forever. Wink.

Wanna train with Jessie? If you’re feeling lucky, you should enter “The DietTribe Sweepstakes” for a chance to gawk at his hot body while he tries to tighten you up. Click here for more deets.


Was this week’s pick worthy of a MAN CRUSH? Do I have horrible taste in men? Am I just drawn to pretty boys and do I need to broaden my imaginary boyfriend horizons? Weigh in below.

  • LOL, “Hot Guy A.D.D.” Hilarious.

  • minh-nguyen

    im Minh from vietnam, i enjoying looking u very much. would u mindif u send me ur body pic, hopeu arent fefuse my love( i love u)

  • zurvivor

    he is a such a stud. i would feel so safe to just be around him.

  • Daniel david

    Jessie is so cute! so sexy! so HOT! definetely he is REMARKABLY HOT! HMMMMMM!

  • Daniel david

    Jessie is definetely the MOST HANDSOME, SEXY, MAN IN THE WORLD! WHAT A BODY YOU HAVE! Mmmmmmmm!