It’s a celebrity trainer showdown this week between two of the hottest male trainers in the business. Meet Jessie Pavelka and Chris Powell. Donovan has featured each of these hotties before in his weekly Man Crush article and upon his suggestion, we thought it would be a good idea to have them battle head to head to see who you’d rather “do”.

Jessie Pavelka is 28 years old and is currently starring on his Lifetime show DietTribe. Aside from fitness modeling and training, Jessie also seems to find time to show off his acting chops appearing on the show Friday Night Lights. I have to admit, Patrick and I have a Jessie Pavelka calendar that received in our GLAAD Award grab bags and we hang it in our bedroom for motivation to go to the gym in the AM.

Chris Powell is the face of one of ABC’s newest reality show guilty pleasures, Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. This isn’t his first time transforming lives on TV. He’s been on KTVK’s Good Morning Arizona’s segment Transformation Pro for six years. He’s also appeared on Oprah and other television platforms. Unfortunately for all of us hoping homos, Chris is straight and off the market, happily married with children. Is it wrong that that kind of makes him hotter?



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