Last week I had the opportunity to interview 21 year old Jessie James over the phone. She recently performed on The Early Show, toured with the Jonas Brothers, and her hit single “Wanted” that she wrote with American Idol Judge, Kara Dioguardi is doing fantastic on the Billboard Charts! She’s a hard worker with an amazing voice and is really down to earth. Here’s a little excerpt of some of our discussion:

How was it working wtih Kara Dioguardi on the song?

It was great, you know. A lot of people ask as how she is in person and the way you see her on TV is exactly the way she is in person. She’s very feisty and energetic and very, very intelligent.

What is it like working on a song with someone like that? Is it just back & forth, Do you Jam it out over the course of a week?

I just go in like any other writing appointment and we have three days together and the first day we just like sat there and got to know each other, talked a little, cuz sometimes it’s hard to just get in there and write a song with someone you don’t know that well. Then, the next day we came in and Mitch who is the guitar player, who wrote with us as well, just starting jamming out on the guitar, started coming out with a drum loop, and we just started writing and I told her I’ve always wanted a song called wanted “Wanted” cuz my name is Jesse James and I just thought it was cool together and it’d be kinda cheezy. It turned out really cool I think.

Check out Part One of our interview, where we discuss:

  • Hit Single: “Wanted”
  • Life on the Road
  • Her 21st Birthday
  • Working with Kara Dioguardi
  • Making the Music Video
  • Shooting for Maxim Magazine
  • Touring with the Jonas Brothers
  • Going on Tour
  • Jessie loves the Gays

Jessie James Interview: Part One

Check out Part Two of our interview, where we discuss:

  • Next Single: “Bullet” (written with Katie Perry)
  • The Rest of Her Album
  • Musical Influences: Shania Twain, Christina Aguilera, & More
  • Who She’d Love to Collaborate With…
  • Performing on CBS The Early Show
  • Where She’ll Be When Her Album is Released
  • What She’s Currently Up To
  • How She Manages While on the Road

Jessie James Interview: Part Two

Be sure to pick up her self-titled album when it comes out on August 11th!