Music Superstar on the Horizon: Jessie James


Country Music, say what? You never thought I’d be the one writing about this genre of music did you? Out of the entire Homorazzi cast, you would’ve expected Dan to be the one who loves the country twang. Though hip-hop & R&B are my first loves, I do enjoy country music and getting down at the Chattahoochee where it gets “hotter than a hoochie coochie”. I even have a country playlist on my iTunes that I have labeled under an alias should anyone be snooping through my computer *cough cough* Landon.

Even though country music sometimes gets a bum rap from the urban gays, begrudgingly we’ve all sung (and perhaps danced) to a Shania Twain song here and there. Country music in the past few years has evolved from the “ride your horse to field whilst smoking some tobacco” days to more of a country-pop sound. This evolution has made Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift household names.

Recently I was made aware of Mercury Records/Island Def Jam’s newest singing sensation, Jessie James. Not to be confused with the infamous American outlaw, this Jessie James is a talented young singer-songwriter who’s looking to conquer the music scene. She’s Christina Aguilera meets Underwood meets Shania Twain.

Take a listen to her lead-off single, Wanted and you can definitely hear a hint of Christina Aguilera which she sites as a musical influence along with Janis Joplin. Wanted– co-written by American Idol Judge Kara DioGuardi- is already making a huge impact on Top 40 Radio and looking to be a 2009 summer anthem. Be sure to check out her self-titled debut album which drops on August 11th.

Random Jessie James Facts:

  • Jessie landed a major label record deal after acing an audition with Mercury Records President David Massey and IDJ boss L.A. Reid.
  • Jessie composed her first song at the young age of 9.
  • Jessie’s song, “Blue Jeans”, was featured on the “Confessions of a Shopaholic” soundtrack.
  • Jessie’s second single “Bullet” was co-written with Katy Perry.

Jessie James is giving her fans a chance to win their very own Steve Madden giftcard! How does it work, you ask? Fans can enter to win by signing up with their email or texting “WANTED” to 66937! To find out more details, watch Jessie’s cute video explaining all the contest details, posted on her official Myspace profile page!

  • Wade

    Her songs guilty and bullet are so good too!

  • Diego

    She’s great! So hot chick and her voice is incredible!

  • Dan

    I love her! Thank you so much for posting this Donovan, I love it when other people enjoy good country music! It really can happen!

    Wade – good song!