Listen To Jessie J’s “My Shadow” & “LaserLight”

If you didn’t purchase or pick up a copy of Jessie J’s new Platinum Edition of her record Who You Are, then you haven’t had a chance to hear some new tunes added to the disc for it’s re-release. The UK singer added her hit Dr. Luke radio-friendly pop tune Domino to the mix while also introducing us to My Shadow and the David Guetta produced track, LaserLight.

What surprises me is that Jessie didn’t just save these tracks for her forthcoming album Fastlane which is expected to be released sometime next year. I guess with the promotion of Domino going so well, it made sense for her to release it now and start fresh with the new album. Either, I am never mad at new Jessie J music.

My Shadow was produced by The Invisible Men and The Fives and bares some resembling sounds to Jordin Sparks’ hit Battlefield. However, Jessie holds it down on the track and lets her vocals truly ring out in the lyrics. I love it and kind of wish she would have released it instead of Domino. The David Guetta LaserLight is only a medium effort from both of them in my opinion. I can see what Repeat made Guetta’s album and not this track. Give a listen to both of them below and tell me what you think.

Jessie J – “My Shadow”

Jessie J & David Guetta – “LaserLight”