Jessica Sutta Sizzles In “Show Me” Music Video

A few days ago Tyrell shared my girl Jessica Sutta’s latest single, “Show Me“. As mentioned in his post, Jessica Sutta is my favorite former Pussycat Doll. That ain’t no lie. Even though Nicole Scherzinger is growing on me with her last couple of tracks, Sutta will always and forever be my PCD goddess. The fact that I’ve met this stunning beauty in person twice and she’s been nothing but down-to-earth and pleasant to me, has endeared her to me always.

Pushing my obvious bias aside, I’m absolutely loving Sutta’s new track “Show Me“. It’s the calibre of music I expect and hope for her, now that she’s embarking on a solo career. The busbee-produced track is steps above her last single “I Wanna Be Bad“. Being signed to Hollywood Records probably helps getting dibs on high-quality songs. It’s dance pop at its best. The label obviously agrees, since they greenlit a decent budget for the music video. Love Jessica, but her video for “I Wanna Be Bad” was a tad budget. I know it was made with friends and such, but still.

Jessica Sutta “Show Me” Music Video

The video is everything you’d expect and want for this club-ready track. It highlights Sutta’s dance sexuality and gives her a platform where she can shine. Be sure to check out Dave Aude’s dance remix as well. It’s HOT.


Love is not a gimme gimme,
If you really with me you gotta
Show me, show me
Show me, show me
Tell it to me with your mouth
But when it all comes down
You gotta show me show me
Show me, show me
If you say it feels right say it to me all night
I don’t think you understand
Love is not a gimmie gimmie
If you really with me you gotta show me
Show me, show me
Show me love…

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  • I love her so much.. lovely video
    OMFG “!

  • Eric

    One of my fave new songs!
    Love all the ex-PCD members. (Except Nicole)