What better way to start off a work week than to find out on Monday morning that an opportunity to interview Jessica Sutta of Pussycat Doll fame was available the following day. Naturally, being a huge fan of Sutta, I got first dibs to chat with her. No one else in the Homorazzi cast dared get in my way *wink*. Having met the gorgeous singer twice before, it was only right that I step up to the plate and have a gossipfest with Jess. I am, after all, the unofficial resident expert on the “Show Me” chanteuse.

Even though I’ve chatted with Sutta before, I was nervous to talk to her in an interviewing capacity. Plus the fact it was over the phone instead of in person, made it even more difficult. I love to talk with my hands and make eye contact with the person I’m talking to. Regardless of my nervousness, our conversation was a breezy and enjoyable affair. Jessica is so easy to chat with.

So what did we talk about? We covered a wide array of topics including her love for the gay community, details about her upcoming album plus upcoming live performances at the White Party, The Dinah, and other Pride Festivals. In addition, we chatted about her former Pussycat Doll bandmates and who she still keeps in touch with. For all you ANTM fans, we even discussed her upcoming appearance on the current British Invasion cycle.

If you read about my previous random bump ins with Sutta, you won’t be surprised we almost crossed paths once again in the past couple of weeks. Where, you ask? Here’s a hint. It was somewhere Down Under involving a certain Aussie Pop Diva. Listen to the interview to find out.

Upcoming Tour Dates

March 29: Palm Springs, CA – Club Skirts presents The Dinah
April 8: Palm Springs, CA – White Party
April 15: Miami, FL – Miami Beach Gay Pride Festival

Plus appearances at Toronto and Atlanta Pride. More details to follow.

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