Just like her “90210” alter ego, Jessica Lowndes is in the midst of launching her music career in real life. Her debut EP dropped a few days ago on iTunes featuring her first single “I Wish I Was Gay” and follow-up “Nothing Like This“. The 23-year-old actress just released the music video for the break-up anthem. Based on the clip’s storyline, the best way to get over a relationship is to have rebound sex with some hot guy you meet at the club. Sounds like the remedy a lot of my friends use *wink*.

Directed by Tao Ruspoli (Olivia Wilde’s ex), Jessica is shown reminiscing about her past relationship and having a hard time moving on. Meanwhile, her friends are busy trying to “tart” her up for a night on the town. Eventually, Lowndes ends up at a club where she meets some John Mayer’esque looking guy to hook up with.

The video is cute and looks like an episode where “90210” heads off to NYC to hang out with the “Gossip Girl” crew. Love the instagram-ish effects during the flashback scenes. “Nothing Like This” is actually not a bad song. The chorus hook and beat are really catchy. Unfortunately, for me the verses don’t deliver and seem more suited for some Disney tween actress. Speaking of acting, considering Jessica is an actress, she comes off stiff during certain scenes. It’s like she only has one expression. I felt like I was watching her “90210” character, Adrianna Tate-Duncan, at times during the music video. Watch the video below and see if you agree.

Lowndes “Nothing Like This” Music Video

Isn’t the chorus surprisingly good? Too bad the rest of the track didn’t rise up to it. What did you think? Do you think Jessica should continue her musical aspirations or should she stick to her day job? Sound off below.