A while back, Donovan informed you about Jessica & Hunter’s debut single, “What’s Your Favorite Drink?” featuring Markaholic. Today, the video is out and it’s (you guessed it)…AMAZEBALLS! After they try to avoid paying $20 cover to get into the club by saying they’re on the list (as per uge), the cave in and fork over the cash. They get the party started with a sexy shirtless Markaholic, asking the question “What’s Your Favorite Drink?” As you know, the response is: “My favorite drink is alcohol!”

The video, directed by Michael Serrato, features special appearances by Jonny McGovern (aka Gay Pimp) and the couple from their “High School Reunion” video among others.

A couple weeks ago, when Tyrell and I had some friends staying with us, we played the track over and over while getting ready to go out and sent Jessica & Hunter this picture below in appreciation of their song. LOL. As you can see, we were well on our way by then.