Hanging Out With Jessica & Hunter

Holy shit these bitches can drink!

You’ve probably read the myriad of posts about how much this trashy duo owns my soul every time they pop up on youtube with a new update from their latest sexca-drugca-boozeca-pades throughout the mean streets of LA- if not, you’re an idiot and you need to (“Runyon Canyon“; “Plastic Surgery with Stephanie Pratt“). Currently a STRONG contender to win the upcoming NowNewNext “OMFG Internet Award”, these whores are up against some stiff competition so click here to vote and tweet for them to show your support for heinous fag/hag couples EVERYWHERE! Okay, let’s get to us getting to meet them!

Waking up at the crack of noon a couple Fridays ago in WeHo I immediately ran to my suitcase to find the tightest and trashiest outfit I could throw together before my much-anticipated lunch and interview with the Jessica & Hunter. Finding a tshirt from my 3rd grade tennis camp that just barely hit the top of my DGs, Donovan and I cruised the alleys of Los Angeles until we found these bleach blond boozers slamming Grey Goose straight from Starbucks frappachino cups and tending to what I can only imagine must have been a really bad cold as they kept sniffling the whole time! Before we even got to introduce ourselves, Jessica and Hunter informed Donovan and myself that they weren’t looking to donate to “mix-raced homo couples suffering from down syndrome”… so after it was explained that we weren’t there to raise funds, we got down to the hard hitting questions. We cover everything from a prude ex of mine to finding out what kind of homo Hunter wants to go down on! You know you want to see it!

After my Katie Couric-esque, hard-hitter ended, the four of us headed out to jump in front of a few cameras to get our “face out there”… apparently the paparazzi DO know about Jessica and Hunter, but mostly they know to not stand to close for fear of makeup rub-off and getting a contact booze high. STILL, we’ll likely end up in the back pages of some trash rag in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Please support these monsters and let me know if I missed any big questions we should cover the next time we bust these two out of jail!

  • Nate

    They are everything!

  • Dan

    Effing brilliant, I LOVE these two!

  • Boom Boom Johnson

    FOR, LIKE, THE 11th TIME: DAVID ARCHULETA IS BI. I am so not reading your blog for another 3 or 4 times now.

  • Ummm okay, that was weird 😛

  • kodie

    i just saw jessica in a snapple commercial as a red-head lol…Good interview Adam!!!