Jesse McCartney Shakes It In New Music Video

If you’re a regular reader of the site, by now you know I have an affinity for my R&B divas. You’re also aware I’m a secret lover of boy bands, if you saw my NKOTBSB post. But what you probably didn’t know is, I have an inexplicable adoration for Jesse McCartney. I blame my five years working at a teen online magazine where I picked up some nasty habits there. “The Cheetah Girls“, “Ashley Tisdale“, “Degrassi: The Next Generation” and the aforementioned McCartney to name a few. Too bad, worker’s compensation, didn’t cover this type of occupational hazard.

Back in the day, we covered the tween super-sensation heavily as he was a popular topic with our main demographic. I even went to a Jesse Mac concert in Seattle courtesy of his label, where I was literally one of five guys there. I heavily considered walking out, but my co-worker convinced me to stay. Sufficed to say, I slowly began to appreciate the blond heartthrob and his music.

The now 23-year-old is back with a more mature sound. It’s still poppy, but has a more grown-up and sexy feel to it. “Shake” is the lead cut from his forthcoming album, “Have It All” which drops on December 28, 2010. It was produced by DJ Ammo and has hit the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and steadily rising.


The relatively budget music video was directed by Toben Seymour and features choreography by Flii Stylz. Even thought the concept is relatively simplistic, I like it. It’s good to see McCartney back trying to become the next Timberlake. He’s even got the hoochie dancers bumping and grinding up on him. It’s about time he made another stab at fame. A few of his former “Summerland” co-stars have done pretty well for themselves. Ryan Kwanten is now on “True Blood” and Zac Efron is… well, Zac Efron.

Here’s what McCartney told MTV regarding his video shoot:

“We wanted to create a video that wasn’t necessarily a story, following the song… It didn’t necessarily have to be on the nose. We wanted something that was visually stimulating, a lot of cool camera techniques that haven’t been used, a lot of saturated colors. So I’m excited about that too. The fans should have that in a few weeks.”

  • ahmed al-khuzae

    i loved the song
    ,,but the video was horible
    ,,, i wanted to kick the firector in the balls when i saw the video , thanks for ststing his name 😛

    ..i loove jesse , he is awesome .. im an 18 yo ,

  • adam a.

    the song is not bad, but whoever directed it should have told him he didn’t need to act like Justin Bieber, he acts like he is 14 in this video