Last fall, Jesse McCartney released the single Shake which was the lead-off single for his upcoming album, Have It All. What was intended to be released that December ended up getting a little bit of a hiatus after Jesse hit the studio and started recording new music that producers and record execs got excited about. So, the team decided to put a halt on the release and perfect the album with a few new songs. However, it’s now past a year since the release of Shake and we have yet to hear anything form Jesse or have a copy of Have It All in our hands. So, what’s going on?

This summer, Jesse popped into the media again when he released a fragrance for women titled Wanted. The fierce crystal blue bottle contained a scent made up of bergamot and chilled apple to ignite the senses. The scent also includes sweet jasmine and rose blossoms in the heart with background notes of cedarwood and amber. The idea was for the fragrance to catch your attention, like Jesse does.

Yesterday, I was on SoundCloud revealing a preview of my new single Glow (on iTunes December 1) and came across a five new Jesse McCartney tracks that he had uploaded a couple of weeks ago. Being a big Jesse McCartney fan, I was thrilled to give them a listen. The tracks, which I assume are new songs to add to the unreleased Have It All really stay true to his Departure album but with an even more R&B flare. One of my favorite tracks is titled Dirty which definitely showcases an edgier McCartney than we’ve heard previous. Check out all five tracks below and tell us what you think.



Tonight Is Your Night


Make It Special

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