Baseball maybe America’s national pastime, but the Aussies know how to make swinging a bat super sexy. For their latest ad campaign, teamm8 looked to the sport for its creative direction. The Australian brand shows off their athletic wear and underwear line using Bondi fitness trainer Jesse Hogan as their muse. The results are simply steamy. Side note. During my trip to Sydney earlier this year for Mardi Gras, I stopped by teamm8’s store in the gay-borhood. It was totes cute.

Once again, teamm8 taps photographer James Demitri to snap their campaign titled “Dream Love Live“. Check out the 25-year-old fitness trainer in various states of undress. Whether he’s out in the field, undressed in a car backseat or taking an old-fashioned bath, Hogan sizzles. I’d definitely catch all his “pop flys” and slide into his “home plate”. LOL. Warning, a few of the pictures below are a bit risque so proceed with caution. No nudity, just a strategically placed glove and bat 😉 Check out the photos below.

Warning: NSFW Images & Video (No Nudity)

For more pics from teamm8’s ad campaign, head over to their official website.