Just as you’re getting over your New Year’s Eve party hangover, you can experience more drunken nights living vicariously through the sun worshiping booze hounds of Jersey Shore. All the fun, but without the nasty after effects. Season 3 of the guilty pleasure debuts on MTV on January 6, 2011. Snooki, The Situation and the rest of the crew head back to their original stomping grounds at Seaside Heights.

The setting maybe the same as Season 1, but things have certainly changed since they became a nationwide phenomenon. Sure, the boys are still fist-pumping, tanning and doing laundry, but with their new fame, they’re attracting even more grenades than before. This influx of hoochies has inspired the boys to create a brand new invention- the grenade whistle (patent pending) to thwart away any incoming intrusions. Brillballs.

On the ladies side, you’d think without the utterly annoying Angelina, the girl drama would be kept to a minimum. That’s certainly not the case. New girl Deena Nicole Cortese looks to takeover where Angelina left off. Sammi describes her as a short four-feet meatball like Snooki. YAY. Speaking of Sammi, she and Jenni look like they continue their beef from Miami. The ladies have another all-out girl fist fight. HUGE APPLAUSE. Will Sammi get the better of JWoww again or will Boobs avenge her loss.

Other things to look forward to in the upcoming season include Snooki’s arrest for public drunkenness, JWoww breaking up with her boyfriend, and Deena hooking up with some of the boys. But the biggest drama comes courtesy of Sammi and Ronnie. Quel surpris.

While Season 3 was filming, Season 2 was airing on MTV. As a result Sammi finally realized that Ronnie was playing her during their time in Miami. Upset she looked like a fool, Sammi bitch slaps Ronnie and ends things with him (let’s hope for good). Not only does she leave him, but she also leaves the house. Will it be for good? Is it in the casts’ contracts, that one cast member must walk out of the show every season? If so, is it Sammi’s turn? Is the Sweetheart dunzo? Watch the trailer, and make your own predictions.




Has this preview piqued your interest for the upcoming season? Even though the second season scored record ratings for the show and MTV, I found it paled in comparision to the magical first season. Will you be tuning in on January 6 or will giving up the GTL crew be part of your New Years Resolutions?