Jersey Shore Season 1 Episode 4: “Willing To Take One For The Team”


Well, a lot of buildup for this episode with all the previews showing Snooki getting punched, the associated outrage of showing violence against women, a segment on Jay Leno, and more.

As the episode starts, Ronnie’s mad because he thinks that Sammi is flirting with some cop and mostly because JWoww told him that she exchanged numbers with the cop. She follows him home after to check on him. Someone tells Sammi that Ronnie left with JWoww, which obviously sounds really bad.

Sammi storms home and walks into the room and asks if they hooked up. JWoww’s like “What!?” At first Ronnie’s not wanting to talk to her, but then he goes upstairs to talk to Sammi. Sidenote: He talks to her as she pulls out her extensions! Eventually Sammi is crying while Ronnie’s towel keeps coming off. It ends with Ronnie saying “You’re my girl,” and they start making out.

Meanwhile, The Situation and Pauly D bring home some girls and convince them to go in the hot tub with them, which ends up in the bedroom later on. Pauly D says the girls he was with was on her period.”No big deal,” he says.

Then, JWoww calls her boyfriend Tommy and apologizes, yet he still says he’s never going up to see her again and he’s totally sticking to his word. I admire his convictions!

Next day, Snooki talks to her mom on the phone, and has issues hanging up. “The friggin duck phone,” she says. Hahahaha. I burst out laughing!

Later at the club, Snooki’s skirt keeps riding up exposing her thong as she does backwards flips on the dancefloor. Snooki’s likin’ the spotlight!

JWoww’s flirting with Pauly D a little, but the boys end up bring some other girls home. Well, that was the plan… While he and The Situation are walking home with these two girls, they see a convertible with two girls in it and they convince those girls to come over, while the other girls walk away. They actually plug the meter for the girls from car so they come over – priceless! Meanwhile, Snooki takes some big guy home, but can’t find home, so ends up sleeping on the beach with him. At this point, I am realizing the striking similarities between Snooki and Adam.

Just then, the original girls show up (the ones that walked away) show up at the house, and since the boys are getting any play from the other two girls, they kick the other girls out and invite the sluttier, less hot girls up.

Pauly D was with the “grenade,” as they call it. The less hot one. Mike says he’s with the cuter girl, and Pauly D is willing to take one for the team. The blond chick (grenade) is being a nightmare and Pauly D thinks to himself, “she’s not even hot,” and sneaks away to his room.

Mike and the other girl flee the scene and leave the blond girl smoking upstairs. Not too long after, the blond girls goes looking for her friend and finds them in the room and says, “You don’t want to do this.”

Next day. The duck’s quacking. JWoww’s boyfriend says he saw her flirting with guys, namely Pauly D. WHAT they are still in a relationship?? Did I miss something? Snooki ends up talking to him downplay her dirty dancing.

Snooki’s mom comes buy and they hang out, and after she leaves its time for all the housemates to go out again, cuz that’s what they do.

At the bar they’re at, there are three guys always around them. They are trying to “grub” drinks off them. When the situation buys shots for the housemates to do, and the guy drinks them, Snooki starts running her mouth and calling him out. Then the screen goes black, as Snooki gets bunched hard in the face by this guy.

Watch the video of Snookie getting punched here. Turns out he’s a teacher at Brooklyn’s James Madison High School Brad Ferro. He was arrested in August for punching Polizzi at the Beachcomber Bar & Grill in Seaside Heights after he stole alcohol from them.

  • kat345

    i cant believe that snooki got hit, it was so bad like honestly who dose hit a girl like thst like no one lol but who ever write these is really good at it because you didnt leave out one detail