Which Celebrity Rehab Patient Thinks Bottled Water Causes Bisexuality?

For this upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab, we have quite the list of characters. We have Micahel Lohan, father of troubled celebrity youngster Lindsay. His trouble with alcohol and DUI’s seem to follow him no matter where he goes. We have Bai Ling who’s addiction has yet to be revealed but if you’ve seen any photos or videos of her outside of acting, you know she’s a little effed up. And of course, Jeremy Jackson, best known for his role on Baywatch and his recent nude photos showing off his newly jacked body.

One of these three celebrities believes that drinking bottled water causes you to contract not only cancer, but bisexuality. Yup, you read that right. When this star checked in to celebrity rehab this year, they showed up with a number of appliances, one of which was a large water purifier. When a staff member asked about bottled water and if drinking that was okay they said the following:

“In a pinch. That plastic leeches and causes cancer and bisexuality, it’s been linked to directly.”

So, out of the three stars listed above, which one do you think brought the water purifier?

That would be former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson. Jeremy used to have an addiction to crystal meth but received help. After 10 years of sobriety, Jackson wanted to get back into acting and become the new Sylvester Stalone. He began to hit the gym, hard but couldn’t get the results he wanted as quickly as he wanted them. So, he decided to take steroids. But, due to his addictive personality became addicted to the drug spending over $200,000 on the drug alone. He even used a type of steroid used to bulk up cattle before their slaughter.

With this response to bottled water and the personalities that will be on the show with him, I cannot wait to watch this train derail. Will you be watching Celebrity Rehab this season?

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  • CT

    oh Hobie!!

  • Ryan Delepierre

    I hope a few of his costars make a game out of dosing him with Evian…perhaps the gayest brand of bottled water available.

  • Whee

    Like father, like son?

  • Juju

    What a dummy… But I still wanna b*ne. 😉