Show of hands of those who know Jenny McCarthy has a talk show. Thought so, me neither. Well, apparently the 40-year-old entertainer headlines a weekly one airing on VH1. The Jenny McCarthy Show premiered last week and will feature different celebrity guests along with trivia, games and discussion about recent pop culture news. Also, a guest DJ and bartender will be on hand each week. Fun, but don’t you think it sounds like a straight female version of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live!?

On her premiere, she had a multi-platinum selling recording artist booked as her first guest. Said singer showed up but bailed after his team saw what was waiting on set. To stand out among the sea of late night talk shows, McCarthy decided to sex up her show. She wanted to create a Vegas-type vibe. Find out exactly which singer left the building and why below.

The second Josh Groban and his people saw an eyeful of McCarthy’s go-go dancers, they backed out just five minutes before taping. Jenny believes his team “thought the girls were a little too sexy for their taste.” Like Groban has never seen go-go dancers before or even frequented a strip joint or two in his time. LOL.

“I feel like — even though Jay Leno is sexy and all — I wanted to bring some sexy girls like you’d see in a nightclub,” says McCarthy to the Access Hollywood. “We have a bartender, a DJ, so I thought let’s have some go-go dancers, dressed the same as you see in Vegas. Kind of cabaret style.”

In his defense, it was Jenny’s first show so you never know what production might do to garner buzz and ratings. Groban was rightfully cautious that he might become their celebrity guinea pig. Check out a picture of Jenny and her go-go dancers below. Would you head for the hills if you saw that on set? Do you think Josh was in the right to bail on his booked appearance? Or was it unprofessional? Sound off below.