Jennifer Love Hewitt Replacing Mariska Hargitay?

Not surprisingly, NBC renewed “Law & Order SVU” for another season. While it was a no-brainer to bring back the venerable drama for a 13th season, the deal hinged on bringing back the show’s two leads. Mariska Hargitay has made it widely known that she wanted to spend less time solving crimes. The network was able to work out a deal that would keep her on the show.

Hargitay signed a sweet deal to earn the same amount of money ($385,000 an episode) but for less hours. Reportedly, halfway through next season, Hargitay’s character, Detective Olivia Benson, will receive a promotion to become a supervisor. With Benson spending less time on the streets, her partner Detective Stabler will need a new partner. Enter Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Though no official offers have been sent to Hewitt, sources say she is being eyed by the network as the new female lead for the show. Earlier this season, the actress appeared on the show as a rape victim and earned rave reviews. If she does indeed sign on, perhaps she can utilize her former “Ghost Whisperer” skills to track down sexual offenders.

While Hargitay has officially renewed her contract, Christopher Meloni hasn’t locked in a new deal yet. Insiders say Meloni is asking for a raise. I say give it to him. SVU wouldn’t be the same without Stabler’s hotness.

Do you think hiring Hewitt is a good thing for the show? I’m glad Mariska isn’t completely leaving but also glad they’re injecting some new blood into the show. I think the show’s biggest problem the past couple of years is the rotating ADAs. The show worked best when Stephanie March (Abbott) and Diane Neal (Novak) were on the show on a regular basis. Hopefully, they’ll solve that problem soon.

  • Steve-O

    Am i the only one who liked Michaela McManus’ Greylek ADA character?

    I enjoyed her character on Vampire Diaries and was sad to she them kill her off….I hope they bring her back to SVU