First Listen: Jennifer Lopez “On The Radio”

Another hot track with the help of David Guetta – I swear, he’s the new Timbaland (everyone wants to work with him)! This song, On The Radio, with Jennifer Lopez is a remake of the original song by Donna Summers from 1979. J-Lo has sang this song before in the movie Selena, but was only lip-syncing then. I think this song is a great edition to the collection of songs that’ll be hot this summer on the dancefloor and all the pride festivities. Of course, anything David Guetta usually is.

It’s yet to be confirmed if this track will be on her upcoming album “Love?” being released this summer by Def Jam Records, in what will be her 7th album. It’s been a busy year for Jenny from the block. With a comeback to music and a Backup Plan in the movie industry, she seems to be having a great year. As mentioned, her album Love? will be coming out later this summer, and she’s also been working on the remake of the 80’s film Overboard.

  • OOO I don’t know about this. On The Radio is like a CLASSIQUE…and I don’t think she does it justice at all. OH Why did she touch Donna Summer…bad bad jenny.

    Didn’t she sing this in the movie Selena as well?

  • Puredrew

    Its hard not to like any remix of this great CLASSIQUE..and I do like it but you need to give it more muscle Jenn!! But I still love you.

  • haha the original is such a classic that you need spell it the french wasy CLASSIQUE!

    But yeah, i feel like it’s just OK>