Just in time for American Idol’s Season 10 premiere, we receive a new song by new judge, Jennifer Lopez. “On The Floor” was supposed to premiere on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this week, but thanks to some rogue hackers, we get to preview the track online. J.Lo enlists Cuban rapper Pitbull on this latin-flavored uptempo track. Could this be the track that propels Lopez back to pop music relevancy?

The Latina multi-hyphenate has struggled to release her seventh studio album, “Love?” since late 2009. The intended lead single, “Louboutins” flopped majorly for the “Selena” actress. None of the other promo singles fared much better, prompting her departure from Epic Records. Just like Mariah Carey who was dumped by Epic and regrouped with Island/Def Jam, Lopez did the same and signed with the same label shortly thereafter. In-demand hitmaker producer RedOne was hired by the label to revamp the CD with a new sound.

Judging by the sounds of it, RedOne has successfully worked his magic once again. Supposedly, this leaked track is an unfinished version of the final product. If it is, I hope the final version shortens Pitbull’s rap at the beginning of the track. He doesn’t need to blabber on for almost a minute. If “On The Floor” sounds somewhat familiar, it’s because it samples Kaoma’s 1989 hit “Lambada“. Check out the hot new track below.


What did you think? Will “On The Floor” have you booty shaking at the club? What are the chances we’ll see J.Lo perform this and other new songs on the Idol stage this season? I’m thinking its a foregone conclusion.