A couple of weeks ago, Tyrell gave you the first look at Jennifer Lopez’s “On The Floor” music video via MTV News. If you love the song and Jenny from the block, you’re in for a real treat today. I have a more in-depth and extended behind the scenes look which was filmed in late January. Taj Stansberry, who’s also worked with Taio Cruz, Rihanna and Ne-Yo, directed the music video.

With Lady Gaga and Britney Spears releasing highly-anticipated music videos in the coming weeks, I hope Jennifer’s doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Early indicators dictate it should do well as the track has been well received and growing more popular by the day. Plus, she has “American Idol” as a platform to pimp out her single to millions of viewers on a weekly basis. RedOne did a smashing job creating a track that’ll give Jennifer Lopez a much-needed hit.

When filming the music video, Lopez asked the choreographer, Frank Gatson, to create dance moves that would inspire viewers to imitate and copy. In other words, she wanted her very own “Single Ladies” phenomenon. Does she succeed? I’ll reserve full judgment til the final product, but it looks like you’ll need lots of room to work your arms out.

“[We’re trying to create a vibe] that’s so amazing. [It’s like] everybody had some watermelon and the watermelon made them high, it gave them a little buzz — but a good buzz, a real magical buzz, a dance buzz, a buzz that makes you feel like fried chicken, so she just wants everybody to have a good old time…. The club must have this vibe, where you get on the floor and everybody’s bringing it,” he added. “We’ve seen so many club videos, but we want to see a club video with a vibe unique to Jennifer Lopez.” – Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez “On The Floor” Music Video Preview

What did you think? Definitely looks promising. J.Lo sure is all about the sparkles this year. Her sexy golden catsuit in the first scene is as shimmery as her Grammys’ outfit. “On The Floor” will hit iTunes tomorrow, February 15, with hopefully the music video following shortly after.