Sign me up for some blow dryer dancing lessons ASAP. It’s like blow drying porn. LOL. Jennifer Lopez sizzles as beauty school instructor in her just leaked viral teaser video for “Good Hit“. From the looks of the choreography, she’s challenging Willow Smith and Beyonce to a hair whipping contest. My money is still on Honey B.

A few months ago, another teaser video for “Good Hit” leaked, but was promptly removed. I even got a cease and assist notice (friendly email) to take down our post. Based on my recollection of that previous vid, the new one is way hotter. With Lopez’s other new song On The Floor” leaking the other day, you can tell La Lopez is planning a full-on onslaught to revive her music career. Definitely a wise move to ride off American Idol Season 10 premiere’s coattails.

They say a change can do you good, and in Jennifer Lopez’s case that could very well be true. After “Louboutins” failed to make an impression on the pop charts, J.Lo parted ways with Sony/Epic Records and signed with Island Def Jam in hopes of re-igniting her stalwart music career. Mariah Carey did a similar move when she left Sony/Columbia after her disastrous “Glitter” CD. She, too, turned to Island Def Jam and her career bounced back, bigger than ever.

If the minute-long teaser video is a taste of things to come, then J.Lo has a good shot of making a musical comeback. It’s sooooooooo much better than any of the leaked singles from her last record that actually never hit stores. It bombed before it was even released. They decided to rework the album and release it at a later date. “Good Hit” is a bumpin’ urban track produced by The Dream and Tricky Stewart. It’s very reminiscent of La Lopez’s singles back when she collaborated with Ja Rule and Nas. Oh, the good ‘ol days.

The full-length video is said to feature Jennifer schooling divas-in-training on how to be fierce. I wonder if there’s a lesson on excessive demands. Lopez looks great in the video. She’s glamorous and hood all the same time. There are a few outfits similar to her Fly Girl days from “In Living Color“. I much prefer “Good Hit” to “On The Floor”. I can’t wait for the entire video to come out.

Is Lopez back on track? I’m sure there will be massive promotion for this single and album given her new high-profile job platform. Somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if shameless plugging was included in her American Idol contract. Hey, if it’s good shizz, I don’t mind being bombarded with it. I’m not afraid to say I really like it. The beat and deep bass is sick. I can’t wait to hear the track in its entirety. What are your thoughts?